Tuesday, June 02, 2009

things to make you think and get angry

There are some good things I would like to share today, in case you have not seen them. All of these are slightly controversial and have something to bother or piss off everyone, at least a little.

1. Here is an interesting article in Sojourners on Starbucks and why they may not be as stellar as we want them to be (my mantra for too long). Link

2. Why both sides are wrong about America as a Christian or Secular nation. Link

3. Christianity Today on The Gospel and The Gosselins. The gist of this article is how Christians prop up anything that looks "Christian" in the media and quickly tear it down, if it screws up, never looking in the mirror at how an immature Evangelical faith is part of the problem (see Mel Gibson, Miss California, etc.). Link

4. And something to piss off most people. Will Saletan of Slate magazine, America's foremost writer and journalist on abortion (one with conflicted feelings- pro-choice but abhors abortion) asks if it is wrong to murder an Abortionist, declaring the similarities between George Tiller and his probable murderer, both of whom are men that believed in something so strongly that they would do things that no one else would for that cause. Link

I like risky writing, especially in a mainstream publication.

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