Tuesday, December 09, 2008

a Local/ Green Communion

If you, like I, think a lot about sustainability and the church's role in it, some steps can be taking quite easily and simply to become local.

The first thing any church can do is green their communion. My suggestion would be local wine and local bread. There is no excuse, unless you live in a place that does not offer any local wines or bread, which is probably not the case.

Since the wine (or grape juice) does not have to be from Napa or the Bordeaux region of France for these purposes, a nice local will do. So, if you live in Tampa, you could try something from Keel and Curley in Plant City (only 15 miles away) and get your bread from Sami's Bakery on Busch Blvd (both available at local stores).

So, take a moment to look for local businesses for your church to use. It would not cost much more, it would support local business (which is good PR) and be the greener option.

By the way, I have no idea what they are doing, but this idea (not the cups, but the green church) was an idea I had 7 years ago. I am glad a less lazy person is moving forward. i hope they do it justice.

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